True Global Ventures Leads $3M Investment Round in Enjinstarter

Genuine 4 Plus Global Companies (TGV4 Plus), invested $3 million in Enjstarter, an IoT launchpad for Metaverse and Blockchain gaming projects. Enjstarter will use this investment to expand its operations and expand into other complementary verticals, including Metaverse Innovation Consulting, Game Publishing and Venture Building.

Enjstarter launched in early October 2021 and has since helped over 30 projects get started and raised over $3 million through their platform. Some notable projects that Enjstarter supported include To define, The Killbox, and PathDao. Some of these projects have delivered between 24X and 53X to investors from their IDO public price.

In addition to issuing tokens, Enjstarter also helps game developers come up with innovative ways to raise capital and fund their projects by selling virtual items such as NFTs. The platform also offers an incubation program supported by a network of accredited partners to provide projects with end-to-end support to develop sustainable strategies and launch successful campaigns.

“We are honored to have TGV4 Plus leading our Series A round, and we have already experienced the immense support that has been provided by the partners leading the increase through advice and warm introductions to portfolio companies. and ecosystem partners. As we embark on this journey to dominate the Web 3.0 space, we will have to stand on the shoulders of giants and TGV4 Plus pulls this whole package together and follows suit. commented Prakash Somosundram, CEO and co-founder of Enjinstarter.

The investment from True Global Ventures will help Enjstarter build a stronger ecosystem offering through an integrated portfolio approach with support from select TGV partners and portfolio companies. True Global Ventures is globally renowned as the backers of Animoca and Sandbox, earning them a reputation as a leading investor and innovator in Web 3.0.

“We’re at the start of what I think is the tipping point where Metaverses, Play-to-earn and GameFi go mainstream, which is having traditional fun gaming experiences plus the concepts of Finance and Fintech blended into one unique user experience. I think Enjstarter is the right place and the right time to help businesses that want to grow their resources and communities as quickly as possible so they can get to the right market quickly. adds Kelly Choo, Partner of TGV4 Plus.

True Global Ventures has an unparalleled network of investors such as angel investors, VCs, professionals, and family offices that help the company accelerate client portfolios. True Global Ventures has a diverse portfolio that includes several top players such as Animoca Brands, The Sandbox, Chromaway, etc., to name a few.

About True Global Ventures

True Global Ventures 4 Plus is a global technology venture capital firm that invests in serial entrepreneurs in over 20 cities. The company is a fund distributed in cities like Singapore, Hong Kong, Taipei, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Moscow, Stockholm, Paris, Madrid, Warsaw, New York, San Francisco, Vancouver, etc.

TGV 4 Plus specializes in providing international business relations – customers and partners, promoting investments to gain visibility, helping to refinance the company and obtaining aid for companies.

To learn more about True Global Ventures, visit:

Website | LinkedIn | Twitter.

About Enjinterster

Enjstarter is a Blockchain Gaming, Metaverse and Entertainment focused launch pad for Initial DEX Offerings (IDO) and Initial NFT Offerings (INO).

Enjstarter supports game creators and developers by enabling them to build and grow their blockchain and digital asset strategy and guiding them through the process.

They extend our focus on supporting real-world AA and AAA games and other high-traction entertainment projects to enter the blockchain space.

Enjstarter is an Enjin-affiliated but independently owned and operated launch pad. They focus on developing the Enjin and EFINITY ecosystem. To learn more about the Enjstarter ecosystem, visit:

Website | Twitter | LinkedIn | Telegram | Youtube | Discord | instagram | Facebook

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