The Gift of Giving This Christmas – HUH Token Smart Contract Referral System and Dogecoin Donations

New ways of producing money have often given rise to new ways of giving it generously. With cryptocurrencies worth more than all U.S. dollars in circulation, holders must decide what type of contributor they want to be.

The advent of cryptocurrency has forced the banking industry and the rest of the world to rethink assumptions about transparency, efficiency, and energy distribution. As a result, crypto contributors have an interesting chance to consider not only ‘how much’ but also ‘how’. In other words, how can they contribute to the pool of available resources while ensuring that it is well allocated?

New sources of income, for better or for worse, can change the way a charity operates. America’s first millionaire, John D. Rockefeller, built the country’s first modern charitable business model. Rockefeller had more money than he could personally and directly donate, so he formed an organization to distribute it in accordance with a vast mission long after his death.

Charities can learn a lot from the openness, efficiency, and decentralized power that are at the heart of cryptocurrency’s promise. The current model of giving requires donor funds to pass through a complex network of multinational and local organizations before reaching their final destination. Money and knowledge are often degraded along the way, and the end user is often seen as a passive recipient of products or services rather than an active agent of resource allocation.

The removal of intermediaries has found an echo within the crypto community. People like Jack Dorsey, Elon Musk, and Vitalik Buterin have joined Pine and thousands more in contributing over $ 25 million in cryptocurrency to those in need through GiveDirectly. As new cryptocurrencies emerge, there is a deep understanding of this.

the HUH Token is a brand new token released a few days later, Monday July 6. It now has over 11,000 wallet holders and its value has increased by over 6,000% in less than a week. It thrives even when the market is in the red due to its smart contract referral mechanism.

Its philanthropic nature may be the reason for its success. It works by providing a code to people who buy HUH tokens. When the code, which can be obtained on their website, is first used by another new cardholder, the person who provided the code earns 10% of the purchase. That ten percent is currently available on Binance. However, it is possible that it will be distributed in a number of different cryptocurrencies in the near future. There is no limit to the number of people you can recommend, and anyone who purchases using your code will receive a cost discount.

The HUH token seeks to create a tight-knit community based on monetized social influence. Their white paper details their plans for metHUH, a social media network based primarily on sentiment analysis. He also promises that he will donate 20% of the total supply to Elon Musk for charity.

It is currently valued at $ 34,720,800. All he has to do is accept it, spend it on charity, and recognize the cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrencies or blockchain programming could potentially help improve the implementation of donations. Smart contracts could usher in new methods of results-based financing, public ledgers could introduce new transparency standards, and digital currencies could provide new ways to distribute aid in the face of capital or currency restrictions. insufficient fiduciary. Of course, realizing this potential will have to be designed for the financially insecure people of the world and further encourage those who are currently doing so.

While cryptocurrency contributors must make important choices about how and where to donate, the process begins much further upstream within the industry itself. No amount of philanthropy in spending such fortunes can substitute for bad moral conduct in earning it. For cryptocurrencies, this can include reducing the carbon footprint, eliminating frauds that prey on the most vulnerable community members, effective dialogue with regulators and tax authorities, or ensuring that the financial system of tomorrow incorporates more diverse points of view than that of today.

Despite the fact that giving often seems like a gain, there is cause for optimism about the emergence of crypto-philanthropy. Let’s see if decentralized finance keeps its promises.

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