The evolution of the debt deserves careful examination | Exclusive News

Labor’s decision to block parliamentary scrutiny of the government’s new approach to debt is undemocratic, said finance ministry spokeswoman Nicola Willis.

Ms. Willis tabled a motion with the Finance and Expenditure Committee today, requesting a briefing on the government’s new budget rules from Treasury officials. This motion was blocked by Labor MPs.

“The government’s changes to its fiscal rules, announced last week, allow them to borrow twice as much as they could before and change the way we measure debt in this country.

“These are significant changes to the way the government manages New Zealand’s finances and it is up to Parliament to consider these changes. It is unacceptable that members of Parliament have been prevented from fulfilling their constitutional responsibilities.

“It was a simple motion, which National, Act and the Greens all voted for. If Labor is convinced of these changes, they should welcome the opportunity for government officials to brief us. Instead, they run for the hills.

“It leaves us wondering: what do they have to hide?”

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