stf: Investigation finds no link between Kabaddi player and global drug racket | News Ludhiana

Ludhiana: The investigation into the high-profile case of the arrest of kabaddi player Ranjeet Singh alias Jeeta Maur by the Ludhiana Special Task Force (STF) has yet to find its connection to the international drug racket . The STF said that although 100g of heroin was recovered from his house in Kapurthala, the investigation has so far found no link between Ranjeet and the international drug racket. In this case, the STF had also arrested retired Deputy Superintendent of Police Vimal Kant and ASI Munish Kumar of Jalandhar Police.
The STF sprung into action following a complaint from a resident of Jalandhar who alleged that the kabaddi player, with the help of a retired DSP and other cops, was investing the drugs money of the smugglers in real estate. The complainant had also provided documents to the officials regarding the real estate investment.
Subsequently, the STF had filed an FIR in Mohali on February 10 and arrested the player, the ASI and the ex-DSP. An STF official said, “ADGP (STF) Harpreet Sidhu himself questioned the arrested accused. However, so far, the investigation has been unable to find any connection of Ranjeet to international drug trafficking contrary to the plaintiff’s allegations. Although he was discovered to be using drugs and 100g of heroin was recovered from his home.
Asked about the cops’ involvement, the official said: ‘Retired DSP Vimal Kant, after his retirement, worked as Ranjeet’s legal adviser and used to handling litigation and other legal issues. ASI Munish’s role is under scanner as he was named in Ranjeet’s security in an unauthorized manner. Munish had been associated with Ranjeet for eight years and unofficially attended to his private work in the colonies. It is still a matter of investigation who delegated ASI Munish with the player in an unauthorized manner.
On the allegations of investing drug money in the real estate sector, the official replied: “It has not yet been ruled out. We have confiscated the defendants’ laptops, computers and cell phones and their bank statements are under review. The STF did not give them a clean notice and the probe is still ongoing.

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