Readers back Martin Lewis after being blamed for Eon site crash

This week, our readers sided with Martin Lewis after E-ON blamed him for their website crash, as he advised everyone to submit their meter readings.

E.ON was one of many energy providers to see its website crash because of this, as people tried to get their readings ahead of the energy price cap hike that came into effect. effective Friday, April 1.

Mr Lewis, a money-saving expert, encouraged people to submit readings because energy used before April can be charged at the cheapest rate.

In response to a customer, the E.ON Next account posted, “Unfortunately, each supplier’s website and phone lines are hammered today.

“Martin has once again created unprecedented demand by bringing down Britain. If you respond to our private message with the requested details we can help you.”

The tweet was later deleted.

Like much of the nation, our readers were furious that an energy company blamed Mr. Lewis for trying to save people money.

Martin Paul said, “I’m pretty sure Martin Lewis is not responsible for the ability and inability of web portals to handle traffic.”

A reader under the pseudonym Dintlad wrote: “So E.ON blames Martin Lewis and his customers for trying to save a pound or two. It wouldn’t surprise me if E.ON had shut down their website for rip off its customers.”

Christine Williams said: “What do you expect when they raise prices so much. Of course everyone is going to be on the phone or on their websites updating details, companies should have been better prepared.”

Catherine Smith was also one to defend Mr Lewis: “Nothing but admiration for Martin Lewis. If energy companies were seen as ‘honest’, there would have been no need for Martin Lewis to advise us to submit statements counters.”

Similarly, Lynn Craig said: “Martin Lewis is a champion of the people, good for him to inform hard workers who are really going to struggle and need all the help they can get. He did a lot more to take care of the people than our own government has done with this energy crisis and stuff.

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