Paessler PRTG Hosted Monitor Capabilities Expand to Meet Global Market Needs

Paessler, surveillance experts, have now expanded the potential of its PRTG Hosted Monitor Solution. The Monitoring-as-a-Service offering is now available globally with a diverse range of licensing options to ensure that all users get the solution best suited to their needs.

PRTG Hosted Monitor is a service based on Paessler’s award-winning PRTG Network Monitor. With their extensive IT monitoring capabilities and easy integration into systems and networks, PRTG solutions enable IT professionals to simultaneously monitor traditional infrastructure, data center environments and services, and IoT devices/ OT in one tool.

PRTG Hosted Monitor offers over 250 ready-to-use predefined sensors and can monitor any device with an IP address. With its single platform view and real-time information, the main benefits of integrating PRTG Hosted Monitor are:

  • T monitoring without server hardware – Based on Paessler’s PRTG Network Monitor, this solution does not need to be downloaded or to install a server. It is available on demand and comes with Paessler’s support and maintenance skills as it is hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud Computing Services.
  • Combine cloud and IT infrastructure – Monitor publicly accessible targets and integrate physical networks anywhere in the world using distributive surveillance techniques.
  • OpEx instead of CapEx – Full subscription flexibility in payments, licenses and contracts, giving users the freedom to change their license size and choose between monthly or annual payment options.

New for 2022, PRTG Hosted Monitor is now available worldwide and, for the first time, through Paessler distribution partners.

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