OTT has exposed many people to global content

Sahil Khattar was RJ, host and YouTuber before trying acting. His debut film, Kabir Khan’s ’83’ did well and brought him to notice playing the role of Syed Kirmani in the film.

Sahil made his OTT debut in ‘200’ recently.

“My experience working in ‘200’, my first OTT project, was amazing. It was surreal to put it in one nutshell. Playing one of the deadliest serial killers and being able to shatter so many stereotypes that “oh he’s a funny guy, he’s a YouTuber, don’t think he’s gonna be a great actor” and getting 8/10 reviews made me happy. I couldn’t have asked for more says Sahil, who plays Akku Yadav in “200.”

The OTT boom is here to stay. And he thinks the medium will take on many other industries as well.

“The type of content and concepts that come out becomes a rage. People who just deliver a web series as a hit, their career is done. It used to happen when working on big movies, but now we don’t can only imagine the kind of penetration that OTT has achieved. Thanks to all these networks and data packs, everything is now in OTT. OTT is not going to eat away at any other industry, be it TV, radio or the big screen All four will co-exist,” he adds.

OTT exposed a lot of global content. “There are more performances to watch, more stories to connect to. There are great things to learn and understand from foreign and Indian cinema. Being able to watch movies that you’ve never seen before but now know are readily available with a click of a button makes you feel so powerful and happy. Looking at different types of work, sensibilities creating content in different parts of the world just expands our horizons, our thought process and expands your mind,” he explains.

There have been constant discussions around censorship on OTT. Many platforms generally self-censor their content to ensure viewer discretion is maintained.

“If you think you can’t watch it with your family, you can stop or pause it. Digital is still a medium of choice. I think ‘OTT can’t be watched with family’ is a wrong point of view. There is also family content,” he says.

Sahil himself loves all kinds of genres. He likes to explore and learn everything.

“‘Succession 3’ is one of the best family dramas of all time. It has won so many awards. Ishq is a beautiful Malayalam movie which I loved to watch. There is a movie called ‘All Freckles of the world” which is about a boy who starts a football team. It’s also a beautiful film. Then there is also “Game Over, Man!” which is one of the funniest films that I watched,” he shares his latest OTT watchlist.

Sahil’s movie ’83’ will soon be released on OTT.

“Omicron ruined our party and it will make our afterparty awesome because people who couldn’t go see the movie in theaters can now watch it from the comfort of their homes. I’m proud to be a part of this movie. Thanks Kabir Khan and Ranveer Singh for including me on this trip.

“Once it’s released on OTT, you’ll especially enjoy the scene that went viral where I (as Syed Kirmani) come out and say to Kapil Dev (played by Ranveer), ‘hum marenge ya mar jayenge, aise aj nahi jayenge Kapsi, tu maar, mai khada hou na’ The movie is set to be released on February 18, both on Netflix and Hotstar,” he reveals.

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