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The Indy Autonomous Challenge Powered by Cisco (IAC) will air live on Amazon Web Services (AWS) on October 23 for viewers worldwide.

Twenty-one universities from 9 countries have formed 9 teams to compete for the $ 1 Million Grand Prize, which will be used to advance the education and research missions of the winning universities.

All images are courtesy of IAC, unless otherwise noted.

The live broadcast will begin at 1:00 p.m. EDT and can be viewed directly from the Home page of the IAC website and on Twitch @IndyAChallenge.

Hexagon | NovAtel is one of the corporate sponsors of the event and supplier of GNSS receivers on board the driverless Dallara AV-21 racing cars.

Many automotive innovations have come from Formula 1 and motorsport in general. This is why the desire to bring autonomous vehicles on the highway will greatly benefit from the IAC.

For a free webinar detailing the technical aspects of race cars, see “High speed unlocking to activate standalone security. “Three expert engineers closely involved in the race provide their insight: • an overview of the race, retracing the 10 months of travel and the challenges encountered along the way; • how GNSS provides absolute position and the backbone of the race. fusion of high-speed sensors aboard the 10 competing Dallara AV-21 race cars • how LiDAR is used to provide relative location and movement data.

“Thanks to the generous support of Amazon Web Services (AWS), we will have a global audience for the first high-speed autonomous competition in the racing capital of the world, Indianapolis Motor Speedway,” said Paul Mitchell, President and CEO of the management, Energy Systems Network, co-organizer of the IAC. “This is of crucial importance as the IAC is a global competition which involved 41 universities from all over the world in its creation.”

Courtesy of Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

Organized by Energy Systems Network and the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, the primary goal of the IAC is to advance technologies that can accelerate the commercialization of fully autonomous vehicles and the deployment of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) . These improvements will lead to increased safety and performance in motorsports as well as all modes of transportation. In addition, the competition is a platform for students to excel in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) and to inspire the next generation of innovators.

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