Global Hunger Initiative: November 2021 Report – World

Key messages

This is a children’s crisis: nearly 21 million children are one step away from starvation and face starvation. Urgent life-saving action is needed NOW to prevent a humanitarian hunger crisis in which tens of thousands of children could die. Famine has no place in the 21st century and is entirely preventable.

Conflict, COVID-19 and climate change are now interacting to create new and worsening pockets of hunger that are reversing the gains families had made to escape poverty.

Hurry up. If the world stands idly by and does too little too late, children and their families will be forced to make dangerous survival choices that will have lasting harmful consequences for girls and boys, including preventable deaths.

Humanitarian funding and access to those who are starving are essential if lives are to be saved.

Everyone is exhausted from the battle to defeat COVID-19 but in poorer parts of the world families are now facing new spikes in the virus (due to the spread of the Delta variant and the arrival of the new Omicron variant) and are literally looking for their next meal. People know the importance of coming together to defeat the pandemic and now we must come together urgently to avert catastrophic levels of starvation.

World Vision is on the ground in hunger hotspots around the world, delivering lifesaving assistance, tackling malnutrition, providing clean water and protecting children from harm. Our response will target 15 million people facing life-threatening famine.

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