Forel sorting system: automation for the future

An advanced logistics system. A system that knows what it’s doing. An automatic solution capable of adapting to programming changes. A tool that will eliminate bottlenecks.

the Sorting system Art. SS, Forel’s intelligent logistics solution, it is all this and much more: an automated system for managing glass panels in the production process. The sorting system is able to connect different departments, creating a storage area for semi-finished products which are managed automatically, depending on the production schedule.

This solution is increasingly requested by large glass companies, because it makes production more independent of manual work, while simplifying the operator’s work.

In fact, the worklist is loaded into the system management software: regardless of the order in which the material arrives at the sorting system, the self-learning mechanism will identify each part individually, assigning it a code. unique identification and linking it to its respective order. This means that, as soon as the system receives the order to proceed with a given worklist, it calls all the elements linked to the list in question and sends them to the next processing line.

If there is a programming change in the middle of the cycle, it is possible to pause one command and continue another by simply entering the different one desired.

the Sorting system brings clear advantages: no bottlenecks, no errors, no slowdowns or indecision, but rather clear improvements in terms of productivity, order, flexibility and safety. In short: automation.

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