ENECHANGE: Notice of installation of the ENECHANGE EV charging service (JIT Group Inc.)

Press release

April 26, 2022 ENECHANGE Ltd.

18 ENECHANGE EV charging stations installed on sites owned by JIT Group in

Yamanashi – the first facility in the prefecture

ENECHANGE Ltd. is pleased to announce that it has installed a total of 18 charging stations under the ENECHANGE EV charging service at seven JIT Group facilities, including its ceremonial halls in Yamanashi Prefecture and its corporate headquarters.

This is the first installation of this service in Yamanashi Prefecture. By providing an affordable and convenient EV charging service that offers 6kW dual-speed charging at a charging rate equivalent to home charging*, we will drive the spread and expansion of EV charging infrastructure and contribute to local communities.

*Rate per kWh obtained by adding a surcharge for promoting renewable energy generation and fuel cost adjustment at the third level of the tariff to the electricity volume of metered electric light A of Tokyo Electric Power Company.

Charging station for ENECHANGE EV charging service installed at JIT Ceremony Wakakusa HallOverview of the service and facilities where the ENECHANGE EV charging service is installed

The expansion of charging infrastructure is urgently needed to foster the spread of electric vehicles (EVs). The ENECHANGE EV charging service was recently introduced at the parking lots of seven JIT Group ceremonial halls in Yamanashi Prefecture, as well as the affiliated Yamanashi Obosi Park. The service is also available for non-ceremonial users. The installation of electric vehicle charging stations in the parking lot of the company’s headquarters is also expected to contribute to the local community and be an added benefit for employees.

The number of EVs and PHEVs per 10,000 people in Yamanashi Prefecture is 22, ranking 16th in Japan*. We will continue to help spread electric vehicle charging infrastructure in cooperation with companies working to build local communities and achieve the goals of the SDGs.

*Calculated by ENECHANGE based on the “Status of Subsidies by Prefecture” of the Center for the Promotion of New Generation Vehicles, the number of subsidies granted for electric vehicles and PHEVs (fiscal years 2009-2019) and population estimates for October 2019.

Location: 9 establishments 18 units

Facility name


Number of EV charging stations installed (unit)

JIT Ceremony Tatomi Hall

Chuo Town, Yamanashi


JIT Ceremony Futaba Room

Kai Town, Yamanashi


JIT Ceremony Kofu Hall

Kofu City, Yamanashi


JIT Ceremony Sangun Hall

Minami Alps City, Yamanashi


JIT Ceremony Wakakusa Hall

Minami Alps City, Yamanashi


JIT Ceremony Ichikawa Hall

Nishiyatushiro-gun, Yamanashi


JIT Ceremony Isawa Hall

Fuefuki Town, Yamanashi


Yamanashi Obosi Park

Minamikoma Pistol, Yamanashi


JIT Group Inc.

Minami Alps City, Yamanashi


* Electric vehicle charging service at JIT Ceremony Facility and Obishi Park will be available towards the end of Golden Week.

Presentation of the charger

Cost of using

Charging in April 2022: 34.39 yen/10 minutes (equivalent to 1 kWh: unit price of electric lights measured by Tokyo Electric Power Company is used)

*Rates vary monthly due to the addition of a surcharge for promoting renewable energy generation, fuel cost adjustment, etc., to the electricity unit rates of major regional companies in electricity. However, since the electricity tariffs are equivalent to those of ordinary households, there is no difference with the electricity tariffs charged at home.

Model installed

  • Pit-2G”, Nitto Kogyo

  • Maximum power: 6 kW *capable of charging at twice the speed of ordinary chargers (3 kW)

  • Connector: Type 1 standard, usable with all EVs and PHVs

    *Tesla requires conversion adapter

  • Voltage: 200V (AC)

  • Charging cable length: approx. 5 meters


The ENECHANGE EV charging service does not require prior registration. Scan the QR code on the main body of ENECHANGE EV charging station with your smartphone camera to save your credit card information and user information. Follow the instructions displayed on the web version (which will be replaced by an app in the future) to connect the charger. Users can see the start of charging and the status during charging, while the end of the charging session will be notified by push notification.

■ About the ENECHANGE EV charging service

The ENECHANGE EV charging service allows the installation of electric vehicle charging systems at minimal cost, ideal for charging in public facilities, commercial facilities, accommodation establishments and other public destinations. It is developing rapidly at the dawn of 2022. To improve the comfort of electric vehicle drivers, we are developing various software, including a smartphone application scheduled for release in the summer of 2022.

ENECHANGE EV charging service website: https://ev-charge.enechange.jp/ *Japanese only


ENECHANGE is an energy technology company that promotes a carbon-free society through digital technology with a mission to change energy for a better world. We offer services based on the use of data in the field of the 4Ds of energy: deregulation, digitization, decarbonization and decentralization. Our company’s roots come from an energy data lab at the University of Cambridge, UK, a country where liberalization has come of age. ENECHANGE has a UK subsidiary, SMAP Energy Limited, as well as a global network and energy data analysis technology.

URL: https://enechange.co.jp/en/

■About JIT Group Inc.

The main activity of the JIT group is in ink and toner cartridges (recycled). In addition to this, they also manage several types of real estate including ceremonial venues among other business activities. The company is active in promoting SDG initiatives, including marketing the world’s first recycled ink in 1999, installing collection boxes at more than 17,000 locations nationwide, and collecting approximately 26 million cartons of ink per year, reducing approximately 2,000 tons. CO2 emissions. URL: https://www.jit-c.co.jp/

■For requests


PR: [email protected] IR: [email protected]

■For any inquiries about the ENECHANGE EV charging service Electric Vehicle Charging Services Division [email protected]

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