‘Destiny 2’ armor system to get major change in anniversary update

Bungie has released more details on the huge Destiny 2 update coming with the studio’s 30th anniversary.

Highlighting changes is a change in how armor modding works. The latest This Week At Bungie blog post detailed that Destiny 2The armor system will be easier to swap on the fly. Currently, the pieces of armor have several slots filled with mods to acquire powerful abilities and stat boosts. Players are free to trade them in at any time, but they cost a small amount of game materials.

However, the upcoming change will remove the cost of the location of armor mods. Although this appears to be a minimal change, removing the currency requirement will allow third-party software to interact with the equipment. Destiny Item Manager (DIM) already facilitates Destiny 2 players to swap weapons and armor by logging into the API. Still, he couldn’t make any changes that required a currency swap.

Destiny 2: Beyond the Light. Credit: Bungie

After the update, players should be able to move a piece of armor to their Guardian, then attach any mods they want directly to the piece from a web browser. This will make armor swaps much faster as it will eliminate the need to go to the tower and collect gear, then navigate the UI and attach each mod individually. This will not work in areas where equipment is locked out and changes cannot be made.

“While this may not be a solution for all of the construction feedback elements, it is a step forward as the team seeks to seize construction and loading opportunities for Destiny 2 going forward, “the blog post says,” The team will also be looking at the resets and costs of Artifact mods in the future, but swapping general armor mods is a great first step. “

In other news, New world’The winter event requires players to make offerings to a giant yeti.

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