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Recently, Nuna Baby Essentials, Inc. announced that the financial information of approximately 21,779 customers was compromised in a data breach. Our data breach lawyers are investigating this cybersecurity incident to determine if consumers may have grounds for a data breach class action lawsuit.

What to know about the Nuna Baby Essentials, Inc. data breach

The company recently reported that, from March 26, 2020 to April 7, 2021, “malicious code” appeared on the company’s website (discovered on December 22, 2021).

A subsequent investigation revealed that an unauthorized party had gained access to certain files on its servers which may contain the following information:

  • Credit card payment card numbers
  • Credit card expiration dates
  • CCV/CVV Codes
  • Billing and delivery addresses

According to reports, Nuna Baby Essentials, Inc. does not know what information individuals actually accessed and cannot confirm that the unauthorized party retained any of the information.

However, anyone who receives a data breach notification letter from Nuna Baby Essentials, Inc. may now face an increased risk of identity theft and other financial loss. Lawyers are currently investigating this recent cybersecurity incident to determine whether the company has taken the necessary steps to keep your data safe and whether those affected by the breach can file a class action lawsuit.

What is a data breach?

A data breach occurs when a hacker or other unauthorized party secretly gains access to sensitive consumer information stored on a company’s servers through some kind of cyberattack. Once a hacker obtains consumer data, they can use that information to commit identity theft or for other criminal purposes. Sometimes hackers sell the data they obtain through a cyberattack to the highest bidder.

No one can say for sure why a hacker targeted your data during a data breach or what they plan to do with it, but having your sensitive information in the hands of an unauthorized party exposes you to a increased risk of identity theft.

As consumers, we all provide personal data to businesses for a variety of reasons. We trust these companies to protect our private data and keep this information secure. Unfortunately, data breaches happen frequently.

Lawyers are investigating data events like this security breach to determine the legal rights of consumers who trusted companies with their sensitive information. Often, hackers target companies that rely on outdated or inadequate data security measures. If it is determined that Nuna Baby Essentials, Inc. has, in fact, failed to adequately protect consumer data in one way or another, affected individuals may be eligible for compensation for their financial losses.

What can you do after a data breach?

While consumers should be careful to only provide data to legitimate businesses for legitimate purposes, even well-known, legally established businesses can become the target of a data breach cyberattack.

Consumers who receive a data breach notification letter should carefully read the entire letter and retain it for future reference.

If the business affected by the breach offers consumers credit monitoring or identity theft protection services, the consumer should follow the instructions outlined in the letter to promptly register for those services. Do not assume that you are automatically subscribed to these services.

To protect and preserve their legal rights, individuals who have been notified that their data may have been compromised are strongly advised to immediately contact a data breach lawyer.

Data breach attorneys are investigating this security incident and the possibility of a data breach class action lawsuit

Businesses have an ethical and legal duty to protect consumers’ personal and financial information. Although developing and implementing a comprehensive and up-to-date data security system is expensive, it is a necessary cost of doing business in an environment where cyberattacks and data breaches are common. .

Data breach laws are complex, and just because your information may have been accessed while in the custody of Nuna Baby Essentials, Inc. does not mean that company is legally liable. However, if a business fails to take appropriate steps to protect sensitive consumer information, it can be held liable through a data breach class action lawsuit.

If you have received a data breach notification letter, it is important to not only protect yourself from possible fraud, but also to safeguard your legal rights by speaking to a data breach attorney. Consumer privacy attorneys investigate legal matters involving all types of data breaches, ransomware attacks, and cyberattacks, without gain or expense.

find a copy of data breach letter here:


Nuna Baby Essentials, Inc. (“Nuna”) values ​​its customers and is committed to protecting your personal information. Unfortunately, we are writing to inform you of an Information Security Incident that could potentially affect you and to share with you the steps taken by Nuna to address it.

On December 22, 2021, Nuna discovered that malicious code was on their website from March 26, 2020 until the website underwent a previously scheduled redesign on April 7, 2021. Upon learning of the incident, Nuna immediately investigation. This investigation has determined that the payment card information you submitted on Nuna’s website – including payment card number, expiration date, CCV/CVV code, and billing and payment address. shipping – may have been compromised as a result of this incident.

Please note that we do not have any information indicating that your personal information has actually been misused. We would also like to point out that Nuna does not collect any other personal information about its customers on its website, such as social security number, personal identification number (PIN), driver’s license number or information banking.

However, as a precaution, Nuna offers one year of identity protection services, at no cost to you, through Experian, one of the three national credit bureaus. Your one-year membership of Experian’s IdentityWorksSM product provides identity restoration services, fraud detection tools, and other benefits, including monitoring of your Experian credit report.

Starting today, you can call Experian’s Identity Restoration Agents to help investigate and resolve any incidents of fraud. You can take advantage of this benefit anytime through April 30, 2023 by calling Experian at 1-877-288-8057. No registration or activation is required. Identity Restoration Terms and Conditions can be found at:

Although Identity Restoration is immediately available to you, we also encourage you to activate the fraud detection tools available through IdentityWorksSM. This product offers you identity detection, credit monitoring and identity theft resolution.

If you want to register for IdentityWorksSM, you will need to do the following:

      1. Visit IdentityWorksSM website: or call 1-877-288-8057 to register and provide escrow number [Number].

      2. TO SUPPLY your activation code: [Activation Code].

Registration deadline: April 30, 2022 (your activation code will no longer work after this date).

If you have any questions about IdentityWorksSM, or if you prefer to register by phone to receive your membership by US mail, please call Experian at 1-877-288-8057. Be prepared to provide the mission number [Number] as proof of eligibility for Experian’s Identity Protection product.

In addition to IdentityWorksSM’s offer, we have included in this letter additional information about the steps you can take to protect the security of your personal information. We invite you to read this information carefully.

Nuna takes both the security of your payment card information and this incident seriously, and as such, rest assured that Nuna is taking steps to prevent it from happening again. We are reviewing our already robust information security measures to identify ways to improve them. We have also reported this incident to law enforcement and will cooperate with their investigation.

Nuna sincerely apologizes for this incident and regrets any inconvenience this may cause you. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this incident, please do not hesitate to contact us at (855) 686-2891.

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