Bridgeline Digital Inc opens new avenues of growth with the launch of its E360 dashboard for e-commerce

CEO Ari Kahn: “The Dashboard will serve a dual purpose by helping to increase revenue for our customers while promoting the Bridgeline suite of products”

Bridgeline Digital Inc (NASDAQ:BLIN), a cloud-based marketing technology software provider, has revealed that it is launching a new product, the E360 dashboard, for e-commerce businesses.

Bridgeline CEO Ari Kahn noted that the company was “thrilled” to launch the E360 Dashboard, its second product launched this year.

“The dashboard will serve a dual purpose by helping to increase revenue for our customers while promoting Bridgeline’s suite of products,” Kahn added in a statement.

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According to Bridgeline, its E360 prescriptive dashboard “tracks everything” from traffic, conversion and average order value to give customers a holistic view of their revenue strategy. Additionally, the new product reinforces Bridgeline’s commitment to innovation and new solutions by leveraging its team’s years of expertise to help customers grow.”

The dashboard is designed based on Bridgeline’s 360 e-commerce strategy which breaks down the revenue growth formula into three dimensions: Revenue = Traffic x Conversion x Average Order Value.

Bridgeline explained that the dashboard analyzes which dimension needs improvement and provides simple and actionable solutions. Pop-up messages detail what needs improvement and which application will maximize growth opportunities.

The product recommendations in the dashboard come from Bridgeline’s collection of tools that focus on each dimension of its e360 strategy.

Woburn, Massachusetts-based Bridgeline is a digital engagement company that helps customers maximize the performance of their digital experience, from websites and intranets to online stores and marketing and promotional campaigns.

The company’s platform integrates web content management, e-commerce, marketing automation, site search, authenticated portals, social media management, as well as web translation and analytics for help organizations deliver enhanced digital experiences.

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