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GRAND RAPIDS, Michigan., November 2, 2021 / PRNewswire / – System optimization and application automation is no longer a choice – it’s a necessity for businesses of all sizes. Traditionally, this need for automation has resulted in a long, complex and cost-prohibitive custom application integration that has favored the largest companies and the most powerful players in all industries, to the exclusion of companies. small and medium-sized businesses working with limited budgets and outdated infrastructure. This gap has left companies still operating with traditional data transfer models and disconnected systems in the wake of industry giants. Left unchecked, the automation disparity will inevitably lead to a major decline in the vibrant and diverse business environment we expect today in the West. Gone are the days when you could compete in almost any market without optimizing data transfer, tracking business intelligence analyzes and relying on manual data entry. Fortunately, technology has advanced to fill this gap – eschewing old and outdated integration methods in favor of agile and flexible solutions known as iPaaS (Integration Platform as a Service).

At Ariox, we’re laser-focused on standardizing this automation playground with the introduction of our all-in-one cloud-hosted iPaaS integration platform, Lumino. Inside the Lumino portal, users can create integrations using our library of pre-built connectors, configure these integrations using our powerful data personalization components and rules engine, monitor analytics of Business Intelligence and much more. Not only does Lumino provide users with the tools to keep up with industry greats, but it does so without creating reliance on external management, development, and proprietary software. Gone are the days of waiting months or maybe even years for a development team to customize and configure all your integrations or provide a troubleshooting service – with Lumino, users retain this power in-house with the click of a button. mouse or pressing a mobile device. Perhaps best of all, Lumino provides this exceptional functionality, backed by our team of integration experts, at a fraction of the cost of traditional integration systems and iPaaS. Our tiered pricing structure ensures you only pay for the connections and service you need, leaving behind awkward pricing models of the past and embracing a structure that puts customers first.

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